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For those of you outside of New England or Canada who don’t know what Candlepin Bowling (or a Half Worcester) is, please check Wikipedia. “Small ball bowling” has been around since around 5200BC. Don’t believe me? Click here.

And also be sure to check out New Hampshire Chronicle, which featured a segment on Candlepin Bowling as well as The Oldest Candlepin Alley in NH.

In many places outside of New England & Canada, if you mention bowling, many people instantly think of Ten-Pin, as this is generally where you will find Candlepin Bowling. There are a few exceptions – one of which is in the Wyoming Civic Center in Cincinnati, OH.

Let’s get an education on Candlepin Bowling

For many years in Massachusetts, Candlepin bowling was the dominant form of the sport – ten-pin (or “Big Ball”) never really took off.  However, that unfortunately seems to be changing.  I don’t have an issue with Ten-Pin bowling co-existing with Candlepin.  But it seems that Candlepin bowling no longer has a stronghold in Massachusetts, and this site is intended to bring awareness to the sport.

As recently as March 2018, yet another Candlepin Bowling Alley has shut its doors – Bowl-O-Mat at 100 River Street Beverly, MA.  I used to bowl there for years, including on a few leagues.

I recently stumbled across a video of 2 hand-set Candlepin bowling alleys in Littleton, MA

Here is a video slideshow of the new Z-4 pinsetter

Looking for Candlepin Bowling balls?  There’s only one company left that makes them.

Be sure to visit  The International Candlepin Bowling Association for a more in-depth look at the sport.

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