The Simpsons

Candlepin Bowling was featured on the Fox TV series The Simpsons in 2016, in the episode called The Town.

At first, Homer didn’t like Candlepin Bowling – after his second ball, he mutters “1 pin standing – the story of my life!”. At that point, he was told not to forget his third ball. Homer was in complete shock & disbelief, and from that point forward, was totally infatuated with Candlepin bowling – exclaiming “3 balls! I see it all so clearly now!”

See the video clip here.

Here are some images from various (fictional) Candlepin Bowling alleys featured in that episode. All images are believed to qualify as fair use under United States copyright law.

The Simpsons also alluded to Candlepin bowling in the episode “My Mother the Carjacker“, which first aired in 2003.
Lisa Simpson: “I say we hit them where they live. With a candlelight vigil.”
Homer Simpson: “Candlepin bowling? That’s a great idea. We’ll play right after I break your grandmother out of prison.”

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